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How to download the latest Instagram story

You accidentally surfed the story and saw some of your favorite videos or photos that you want to download but don't know how, so let us guide you how to download it. First you need to have a phone or computer connected to the internet, then use the browser on your computer and then visit to be supported to download the story to your device.

When you go to Vidinsta website you will see the following interface and click the stories button to switch to the tool to support downloading Story.

After the story is changed to the stories interface, go to the Instagram app or the website to copy the link of the story you want to download and paste it into Vidinsta.

Next step: click the download button, wait for a moment Vidinsta will return the story you want to download, so you have completed the steps to download the stories to your phone or computer.

Support, FAQ

How many stories can I download in Vidinsta?

At Vidinsta you can download unlimited stories

Does Vidinsta host my stories?

We promise not to store any of your photos or videos.

Is the story loading quality reduced?

You will be able to keep the quality of the file downloaded from Instagram to your device

What kind of file will be returned when downloading a video story?

We will return the .mp4 file to you

Can I download videos to my iPhone?

Yes, we support you to download on all iPhone and Android phones without using any apps. On iPhone you should use Safari browser to avoid some incompatibility errors