How to get noticed on Instagram?

How To Get Noticed On Instagram? 10 Tips To Attract More Followers

Instagram is an exceedingly visual, targetable marketing channel to promote your business and build a loyal audience base with your brand.

In fact, more than 500 million users are active daily, making it a highly potential place to access the most engaging audience.

How to get noticed on Instagram? This guide will share ten tips to reach more quality followers on this platform.

How To Get Noticed On Instagram?

These ten clever tactics help you build a large follower base on Instagram:

  • Choose fascinating aesthetics

  • Choose a particular niche

  • Post relevant content consistently

  • Find the optimal posting times

  • Choose hashtags wisely

  • Work with other brands and influencers

  • Run Instagram ads

  • Interact with your audiences

  • Tell stories on Ins

  • Steal competitors’ followers

Now, let’s dig into how each tactic plays its role in getting more followers for your profile.

Choose Fascinating Aesthetics

How to get noticed on Instagram

2. An eye-catching wall is the first step to appeal to more followers.

An eye-catching, aesthetic wall is crucial for appealing to other users. Instagram is a video and picture-sharing platform, so a beautiful outlook is everything.

You need to think about what aesthetic theme you want your account to stick to. Of course, you want sleek and clean imagery if you are a fashion business owner.

Meanwhile, if you intend to build a lifestyle-related brand, it’s best to use more vibrant, attention-seeking photos.

Remember to post the highest-quality picture to get people to notice your page. Ensure the chosen aesthetics authentically and directly tie up with your brand.

Choose A Niche

Choosing a particular niche for your profile according to your target audiences is advisable.

If you’re a travel blogger, you’ll desire other traveling hobbyists to follow your adventures. Should you be a foodie, food lovers will be your target followers.

So, determine your niche from the first day and ensure each picture you post will interest your ideal audience.

People usually unfollow an account since the shared content doesn’t fit their interests, so be mindful not to fall into this category.

Post Relevant Content Consistently

A regular posting schedule makes your viewers excited since they know there will be something interesting at this time. It also increases engagement from the followers and other users new to your page.

Yet, despite the consistently upgraded posts, these viewers can still unfollow you due to tedious or irrelevant content. What contributes to quality content on Ins?

  • Entertaining: Boldness, videos, humor, emotion, movement, and attractive design capture and keep attention.

  • Interactive: Shareable content, contests, lives, questions, and polls make your acc fun to stick with!

  • Thoughtful: Everything you post should speak volumes about your personalities, lifestyles, and values.

  • Useful: Ideas, news, facts, and tips shared should be linked with your followers’ needs and the overall industry.

Find The Optimal Posting Times

How to get noticed on Instagram

3. Post your content at the time when your followers are most active.

Besides a consistent schedule, strategic posting time is also the key to grabbing more attention.

Posting when the largest proportion of your goal audience is active will raise the number of viewers. This time may vary as per your followers’ demographics.

You can take advantage of some tools to track the most suitable time to post (when most viewers are engaging), like Owlmetrics.

Figuring out the optimal posting times will help you appear more often in other users’ feeds and get more notice and exposure.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Learning to use hashtags brilliantly is critical to showing up more on Ins. Precise and hit-the-spot hashtags can surprisingly help you gain numerous followers.

You need to investigate which hashtags your target users most usually check.

Once a pertinent connection comes into existence, you’ll see more people visit and follow your account.

Public-friendly, unique hashtags can group posts of hyper-relevant topics, making it easier to carry out branding campaigns.

Work With Brands and Influencers

How to get noticed on Instagram

4. Popular influencers on Ins will help with your branding process.

Brands work with brands; does it sound weird to you? Actually, don’t be reluctant to cooperate with other fellow brands.

You can learn a lot from them, from how to get on with their branding or marketing team, satisfy posting requirements, or meet deadlines.

It’s also a good idea to shake hands with viral Ins influencers within the industry who have a large audience. They’ll help promote your popularity and share your brand with their followers.

Run Instagram Ads

A downside to this strategy is that you have to pay for it. But the traffic of your Ins account will increase remarkably.

Advertising is a powerful tool that helps you show up in thousands of users’ feeds. When combined with other tactics, it can be a huge bonus.

Interact With Your Followers

Ins users tend to visit an account more if the acc owner often shows interest in talking with them through comments, direct messages, and live streams.

Sometimes, don’t forget to reply to some comments under your posts or tag places and posts in your pictures. Of course, those tags need to be related to the video or picture you post.

Tell Instagram Stories

How to get noticed on Instagram

5. ‘Story’ is one of the most riveting features of Ins.

Instagram Stories is a unique, fascinating feature of this platform. And why don’t you take advantage of it?

Photo or video status will allow your audience to update your daily activities and send direct messages if they’re interested.

Notably, Instagram Live lets other users comment, talk, and engage with you in real-time. Ensure to make it useful, entertaining, and something people will stick to from beginning to end.

Steal Competitors’ Followers

An intelligent, a bit ‘nasty’ tactic to expand your influence on Ins is to steal your competitors’ audiences, access, and engage with them secretly.

Here are the three most common ways to make the opponents’ followers yours:

  • Follow an account

  • Like that person’s photos and videos

  • Leave comments under those posts

You can also download your competitors’ videos and photos to learn how they attract and maintain current audiences with the help of Vidinsta.

Wrap Things Up

Indeed, Instagram is a potential and vibrant sphere to be. If you know how to get noticed on Instagram wisely, there’s a high chance you can promote your image and be successful there, whether as an influencer or business.

Try combining all the techniques above, and don’t forget to inform us of the results! Thank you for reading!

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