How to download a video from instagram?

How To Download A Video From Instagram On PC And Phone?

While surfing Instagram, there must be times when you want to save some videos on your device, but you have no idea about downloading. 

How to download a video from Instagram? There are some online tools and third-party apps for this job, such as Vidinsta. 

We'll share how to save Instagram videos on your PC, iOS, and Android devices in this article. Let’s read on to discover!

We are more likely to use Instagram on the phone. No matter what operating system you are using, downloading videos is possible. 


On Android, you can download the videos as soon as you watch them; all you have to do now is figure out where your phone keeps them. 

You may also utilize a third-party program to save videos without first watching them. Let's have a look at both methods:

Method 1: App cache

To get this to work, start by watching the video you want to access. You can save whichever part you are watching. As a result, if you want the entire video, watch it all the way through.

Next, navigate to Android device -> data -> -> cache -> videos in "File Manager."

You can find all of the videos you've seen here. You can play them by tapping on them and choosing the "Video" option. 

If you only want to save the audio format, rename and change the extension to .mp4. 

Your device automatically saves all the videos as cache. If you delete the cache (watch this guide for details), the videos will disappear.

If you want to keep what you have saved, move them to another location. 

Method 2: A third-party tool

A third-party tool will do if you want a more effective solution that does not require you to watch each clip.

Vidinsta works brilliantly, and it's free. Let's have a look at how to put it to use:

  • Access the video and click the menu in the top-right corner.

  • Now press the Copy link button.

  • After that, run Vidinsta and select the Paste option.

  • The tool will download instantly and save in the gallery. 

    How to download a video from instagram

Androids devices are quite easy to handle


How to download a video from Instagram on iPhone? When it comes to iOS devices, the choices seem pretty limited. Regrammer is free software that allows you to save any Instagram video to your iPhone.

It works in the same way as Vidinsta does for Instagram. You just need to copy and paste the video's link from Instagram into the app.

With the same method, you can learn how to download a video from Instagram DM quickly. 

How to download a video from instagram

Tools for iPhone are quite limited

How To Download Instagram Videos On PC? 

You may download the videos manually or use a web service or a tool to assist you. We will show all of the ways. 

Source code

This method is manual, and you get it directly from the source codes. You may look at the video page's code and get the link to download from there.

Here is how to do it: 

  • Select the clip that you'd like to save.

  • Choose "Inspect element" from the menu bar when you right-click on it. The name may change depending on your browser, such as "View page source."

  • To open the "Find option," press Ctrl + F and enter ".mp4" in the box.

  • The query will bring up a code part. Copy the URL next to "src=" here (ends with .mp4).

  • Simply copy and paste this URL into a new tab to start watching the video.

  • Then, you can save the clip by right-clicking and selecting "Save video as..."


You may use VideoHunter to save videos. It's a downloader that's both secure and high-quality.

In this way, the user-friendly and straightforward structure will quickly help you become a master of clip downloading.

Please note that do not download and publish videos that you do not have authorization. 

The instructions to use VideoHunter are as follows: 

  • Copy and paste the URL of your favorite clip into the VideoHunter input box.

  • When you click "Analyze," there will be a list of output formats.

  • Select your preferred format and press "Download." Its mass downloading option is well worth a go and can save you a lot of time.

This tool also allows you to save sound only by selecting "audio" from the drop-down menu beneath.

How to download a video from instagram

You can choose to save the audio solely

VideoProc Downloader

VideoProc Downloader is another tool you can use to save Instagram videos. The tool also allows you to keep the copy of videos that you own or have permission to download. 

Follow these instructions after you've installed the app:

  • Select the Downloader Icon. 

  • Click the "Add Video" icon on the following page.

  • Go to your Instagram page, choose the clip you want to save, right-click on the three dots, and select "Copy Link." For illustration purposes, we shall just use a clip.

  • Go to VideoProc, paste the copied link and select "Analyze."

  • Finally, save the clip. 

Online service is a free tool that you may use if you only want to perform a quick download without having to install any programs. 

If you wonder how to download a video from Instagram post, online services can also help. This tool is a little more user-friendly than others, and it has some more features that you might find helpful.

Here's how to put it to use:

  • Copy the URL from the clip. 

  • Access the page and put the URL into the text box.

  • Go to the Download MP4 section below to convert and save the clip. 

You may also save MP3 (just the audio from videos) or pictures using this tool. 


Vidinsta allows you to save videos on your PC for free without worrying about them disappearing within 24 hours. 

Let's follow these simple steps: 

  • To begin, access Instagram and copy the URL of the video or the picture. 

  • Return to Vidinsta and put the link into the appropriate box before clicking the Download button.

  • Wait for the system to analyze the downloaded file and send it to you.

  • Choose the resolution and then press the button "Download."

    How to download a video from instagram

4. The tools for PC are easy to use (Link)


Using a third-party tool to save Instagram videos is far more straightforward. You only need to copy and paste the URL. 

You can use Vidinsta to get the job done faster. In addition, manual methods can also be helpful in specific instances.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading! 

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